The legacy of trees can be experienced through the shade of century-old oaks and hickories, stately elms lining our streets, and colorful maples signaling the arrival of fall.  These “Monarch” trees represent the best in sustainability – stately, long-lived hardwoods creating an ideal environment to cradle education, decade after decade.

In recent years, a new dedication to establishing the next generation of canopy trees has taken root.  These new trees alongside the existing stalwarts creates a fantastic opportunity for future generations to enjoy the same benefits we see today.

Brookwood Tree Consulting is the ideal partner to help create this better environment.  Our experience in developing tree care plans comes from over ten years of working in the tree industry and we are best suited to offer this guidance practically and efficiently.

Principal Arborist, Chris Hughes, is an ASCA Registered Consulting Arborist, a prestigious recognition for a select group of approximately 500 arborists worldwide regarded as having the best tree expertise and experience.

As a consulting arborist, Brookwood Tree Consulting’s goal is not to sell you products or services, so our recommendations have your interests in mind.  By understanding your goals, we can develop a priority of actions to improve your tree population.  Our bias is you – we are your tree expert.